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China Daheng Group, Inc., founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences in the mid 80s for the purpose of realizing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated in optics and optoelectronics at first and completed enterprise system reform in 1999. The current registered capital of China Daheng Group is 300 million CNY. 

China Daheng Group, Inc. is a distinguished high-tech enterprise from Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and was awarded the Prime Enterprise of National Torch Program Beijing Software Industry Base in 1998, the Key High-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Program in 2003 and the Prime Enterprise of National Torch Program Software Industry Base in September 2005. By the end of 2013, China Daheng Groups assets stood at 1.44 billion CNY, net assets 698 million CNY and a total technological income of 2.57 billion CNY.

China Daheng Group is capable of research & development, design & manufacture, sales & service of electrical and optical-electro-mechanical products. More than 5% of the annual technological income is invested in the research and development of new products and the upgrade of existing products every year to keep the enterprise being innovative and in the technological leading position.

 Since the Kilowatt High Power Laser Processing System of the National Torch Program in 1989, China Daheng Group has completed multiple national or local Torch Programs including GPS Equipments and GPS Clusters Management System, High-Precision Laser Marking Machine, X-Ray Steroptactic Radiosurgery System and Automatic Broadcasting System for Multichannel Hard Disk Advertisements.

 Laser technology is another fast-growing technology after atomic energy and computer in the history of the development of science and technology and can be widely applied in various fields. In the industrial applications of laser technology, laser processing has always been the technology highly supported and promoted by the state. Since laser processing involves national security, national defense, the industrialization and development of high-tech, it is also listed as key supporting technology when the state makes middle/long-term development plans. Laser processing and the research and development of its equipments are traditional advantages of China Daheng Group which is one of the most well-known manufacturers of laser processing equipments in China. As the national production-teaching-research base of laser processing, China Daheng Group has utilized its technical advantages and supporting capacity to put the DH Series laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines and laser heat-treatment machines into production and make them widely used in industries such as electronics, car, instrument, clocks and watches, decoration, tobacco and arms. Daheng has made a number of worlds number ones including: being the worlds first to make photos using laser marking machine, the first to adopt high-reliability refrigerating machine with multiple protection functions, the first to achieve water cooling technology with water quality and cooling efficiency guaranteed at the same time, the first to adopt maglev technology to improve the reliability and the service life of Galvanometer scanner, the first to successfully develop IGBT module laser power supply to improve the reliability and reduce the volume of laser power supply and the first to achieve non-stop operating for laser marking machine.

 The companys major products of smart medical equipments: the high frequency mobile medical diagnostic x-ray machine, the medical electron linear accelerator and the accurate radiotherapy planning system have a big domestic market share. The worlds leading 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy and Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (3DCRT & IMRT), the advanced 3D Treatment Planning Systems and Visible Human Project are large comprehensive medical devices which combined computer and image processing technologies with radiation therapy devices. In 1999, Dahengs medical devices were identified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and awarded the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award. With the undisputed technology advantages, Dahengs medical devices have been equipped by over 200 well-known hospitals around China and have the biggest domestic market share. The project is listed as the key project and the achievement industrialization base of the National 863 Program and is supported by national special funds.

 Steady and solid are Dahengs operation philosophy. Being realistic, sincere, pioneering and stimulating are Dahengs spirits. Being people oriented and science technology guided is the guarantee of keeping the enterprise vigorous and developing. China Daheng Group has established a set of scientific and standardized management system, raised a team spirit of diligent working, introduced a number of famous brands with great quality and formed a marketing network all around China.