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Dr. Lixun Tian Passed Oral Defense of Postdoctoral Station

On Dec 25th 2014, Dr. Lixun Tian’s oral defense meeting of postdoctoral station was held at the meeting room of Daheng New Epoch Technology Inc. Dr. Tian successfully passed the oral defense.


During the meeting, Dr. Tian reported his works and achievements in machine vision field these two years which accepted by expert reviewers. The supervisory committee agreed that the report of Dr. Tian had met the requirements and approved for standing out of the station.


Expert reviewers include: professor Zhiguo Jiang and associate professor Fengying Xie from Beihang University, vice president, chief engineer and researcher of Daheng New Epoch Feijun Song, general manager of Daheng Imaging Shaorong Yang, general manager Jin Pan and vice general manager Yapeng Wang of Beijing Daheng Image Vision.


The deputy director Wei Wang of the Postdoctoral Management Committee of Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park and the vice president Qun Luo of Daheng New Epoch also attended the meeting.


Dr. Lixun Tian is the third postdoc who stands out of the Postdoctoral Station of Daheng New Epoch. He will stay at Daheng afterwards.