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Accumulate Steadily and Set Sail - Daheng Imaging Participates the 2014 P-MEC

The 2014 CPhi India and P-MEC closed its curtain on Dec 4th local time. As Daheng Imaging’s first time participating the P-MEC world tour in India, the show has been successful and marks the further internationalization of Daheng’s pharmaceutical packaging products after their sales in America and Europe.


In this show, Daheng Imaging exhibited the new generation self-developed Automatic Capsule Inspection Machine. The machine can inspect different types of colored, translucent, transparent and printed capsules comprehensively and prevent from imperfect productions.


Through this show, Daheng Imaging has gained an initial understanding about the current situation and market of pharmaceutical packaging in India and the whole South Asia. By the enthusiasm, gathering and consultation of the visitors, we can see the urgent need of the pharmaceutical packaging inspection machines, the hope of learning leading technology and the wish of speeding up industrial upgrading by introducing advanced products to improve production efficiency, increase product quality and lower production costs. During the three-day-show, over ten Indian capsule manufacturers came to test their capsule samples. Our engineers were busy from first to last feeling tired but achieved because the satisfaction from the manufacturers. Three enterprises expressed intention of cooperation, our products were praised at the same time.


Other pharmaceutical packaging products from Daheng Imaging were favored too as people from different manufacturers jostled each other in the crowd to get brochures and leaflets of products. As the creator of China’s machine vision inspection, Daheng Imaging’s pharmaceutical packaging products were recognized at home and abroad. We will take this opportunity to provide automation quality control devices and solutions for more pharmaceutical packaging enterprises and help them build the edge in increasingly market competition.