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The Annual Report Meeting of National Significant Research Projects Held in China Daheng Group

On Nov 27th 2013, a year after the National Significant Project – The Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer based on Femtosecond Laser launched , the annual report meeting of it held in the lecture hall of Daheng Sci-Tech Mansion.


Zengqi Sun, director of the Condition Division, Scientific Research Condition and Finance Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Jianling Li, deputy director of Condition and Finance Division of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, experts including academician Guozhen Yang, Guofan Jin, Jianquan Yao, Liwei Zhou, Peiheng Wu, Tianchu Li, Zhonghua Zhang, Shushen Li, researcher Feijun Song, senior engineer Dongmiao Luo, researcher Yuxin Nie, Professor Qihuang Gong, researcher Juncheng Cao, Professor Xinrong Zhang, Yan Zhang and President Jialin Zhang and Vice President Xiaohong Yang of Daheng New Epoch Technology Inc. etc. attended the meeting.

Vice President Xiaohong Yang hosted the meeting. At the beginning, President Jialin Zhang made the welcome speech and said that Daheng New Epoch will continue to support the future work of the project. Director Zengqi Sun praised the achievements currently made in the project and hoped that the research achievements can be transformed into cutting-edge products and sold soon. Then, leaders of the sub projects reported the annual progresses. The leadership and experts reviewed the achievements and made scientific questioning during the meeting. The experts accepted the progress of the project, praised the implementation and offered advices for future work.

The terahertz time-domain spectrometer based on femtosecond laser is a new type general instrument which can fill the gap of existing spectrometers in the range of 0.1-10THz and has big market potential and development prospects in the applications of food safety, drug safety, medical diagnosis, petrochemical engineering, material development, aerospace and national defense industry. The implementation of the project will provide a new kind of instrument to applications mentioned above.